About the program

Why this? Why now?

As a literacy instructor today, you need to feel comfortable and confident when working in a digital workspace environment. Whether it’s Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or another suite, you need to be ready to equip your learners with the digital collaboration skills they will need in school, work and other contexts. 

As we return to our program spaces, many practitioners are applying their experience with remote learning to expand the range of learning opportunities. We’ve had a moment to take a breath, but it is probably fair to say we are all still feeling somewhat overwhelmed as we try to sort through the myriad of choices and options available to us.

We know that effectively managing and creating collaborative learning environments requires thoughtful planning and organization AND that it is much easier to learn how to do this with the support of experienced facilitators and the collective wisdom of our colleagues. 

Join a FREE program of engaging and lively 90-minute live Zoom sessions that will help you evaluate some of the options and start adopting and integrating Google Workspace or Office 365 tools, apps and resources. 

Choose the times that fit your schedule best in either the afternoon or early evening

Each workshop will provide: 

Who is it for?

Adult Literacy
Educators & Tutors
using the Google Workspace and/or Office 365

Adult Literacy
Educators & Tutors working with personal or work accounts

Adult Literacy Educators
interested in integration approaches that can be enhanced by creative use of the Google Workspace and/or Office365

What you will learn

Participants who join the program will develop the skills and abilities to create digitally enhanced lessons and learning spaces that enable self-directed learning and enhance communication and collaboration between facilitators and learners and/or among groups of learners.

This is a progressive series, with each session building on the previous one. When you’ve completed all of the training, you will know how to:

What's included?

Live zoom sessions

Optional off-line activities

Virtual facilitator office hours

Each week, your cohort of up to 20 participants will meet for a 90-minute online synchronous session delivered via Zoom.

Each session will be flexible to meet your needs and will be a fun, interactive opportunity to learn alongside your peers. We’ll include time for instruction, sharing and questions, with optional follow-up activities to practice your skills, and office hours for support between sessions.

Each Zoom meeting will provide: 

To deliver this training, we’ve partnered with EdTechTeacher; a highly respected educational technology training company with international experience in helping teachers and administrators use technology to create active communities for learners. We’ve collaborated with EdTechTeacher to customize their Google for Education Partners training for the Ontario adult literacy context.