Here are some of the questions we have been hearing. Please get in touch if you have a question not answered here or another concern.


How much does this training cost?

Like all AlphaPlus services, this opportunity is free for adult literacy professionals in Ontario.

What is the time commitment and expectation? 

When you sign up, you are committing to attending 4-6 online sessions (see the training outline for the option that makes sense for you). Each session is 90 minutes long, and the only requirement is your live participation and interaction. We will offer optional activities in between sessions to help you apply what you’ve learned, but there will be no homework, presentations, or submissions.

Who is the trainer?

Our trainer for this series is Shawn McCusker from EdTechTeacher. Shawn has 25+ years of experience in many different teaching contexts and is the director of professional learning at Digital Promise. We’re excited to work with Shawn because he understands teachers’ needs — which you’ll see reflected in his materials — and is very open and flexible in his approach to meeting people where they are. (See Shawn's introduction on the Home page and read more about hos experience and approach here.)

Will AlphaPlus team members be involved? 

Yes! While we have brought Shawn in for his expertise in this area, it is always our job to support you. Plus, we’re interested in what you’re asking, struggling with, and discovering. Tracey will attend the sessions to note any Ontario LBS (literacy and basic skills) sector nuances, applications or questions and will follow up with support or recommendations as needed. 

What if I need additional individual support?

Shawn has set up regular office hours for one-on-one support. He is ready to explore how these tools can work together to make your life easier, and he will make this a learning opportunity that is flexible and adaptable to your changing needs and context.

Will I get a certificate or credential?

Rather than structuring this training with the homework, assignments or other proof of understanding required for a certification standard, we have focussed on making it accessible and interactive, with time for practice. However, if you decide to pursue a Google for Education certificate, you will be well prepared after your time with us.

Will you be using tools that I have access to?

Yes! We are using Google tools for this training because they are free and accessible. Our trainer will be working live using the current version of the Google platform, so you’ll be up to date with the latest. 

Do I need to have a Google account to join? 

Yes - it is recommended. To have the best possible experience in session 1, ensure you have set up your Google account before we start. If you have any difficulties or individual questions, come to the first office hours, and Shawn will help you finish getting set up. 

Will there be recordings? 

We have designed this training to be a live, participatory experience, so please block off all dates in your calendar as soon as you register. However, contact us if an emergency arises and you miss your session, we will figure out a plan to catch you up.